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Fly Traps - get rid of those pesky (and dangerous) flies!
Fly Traps are available in many places - but most have a very limited use. They often don't actually attract many flies or if they do, they don't actually trap them. Some use harmful chemicals and the cost is often prohibitive as well.

Well - not with the EFEKTO Fly Trap! Australia's Most Effective Commercial Fly Trap!

This fly Trap attracts flies better than anything we have tested or seen (and independent Government tests confirm this), it is very cost effective and the bait is totally organic and safe! In fact the dead flies and bait can be used as fertiliser when finished!

The fly baits are available in many, many locations around Australia - at a very reasonable rate. This fly trap can last for months and kill thousands of flies with ONE BAIT!
Very easy to use this has got to be one of the world's best fly traps!

This fly trap comes with 4 baits and a built in hanging hook.
You simply add water and shake once a day for a few days to get it started.
It will start to attract flies - LOTS of flies!
The dead flies form part of the bait
You just add water occasionally and it keeps attracting flies!
Support Australia's own fly trap - THE EFEKTO!
Attracts House Flys, Bush Flys and the notorious BLOW FLY!
Proven to last more than 10 years in all kinds of Australia's harshest conditions.
A fly trap that WORKS!
Flies transmit sickness and disease! When a fly lands on food - it vomits onto the food to soften it and then sucks up the mush. This leaves fly residue on the food / bench / table = YUK!!
Say goodbye to the Aussie Wave! Fly traps are great to reduce the annoyance of flies at your next BBQ. Reclaim your patio / pergola area and get rid of those pesky pests!
The EFEKTO fly trap does not use electricity and makes no noise. It's quality design mean it can be used year after year - breaking the breeding cycle and reducing the fly levels each year.
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